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Lost In Translation

Learning a new language can be hard. Speaking it can be more challenging. This similarity is what brought our group together as friends. Our zine, “Lost in Translation” was inspired by the lost feeling that follows the awkward yet funny mishaps that come along with speaking in a foreign language in which each of us have experienced. 

All of us had been in some sort of situation where language was the bridge and the Abysm. The bridge that connected us to a world of possibilities and people; that allowed us to learn about K-POP, Thai drama, Ali Express sales and Shakira. And the abysm that simultaneously separated and blocked us. It created a barrier between us and this new world, that is only accessible by the ones who have this desired knowledge of speaking that language. 

Through this project, we aim to diminish this abysm among the students whose English is not their first language and those who grew up in a home where several languages were spoken. We want to connect with you through our stories. We want you to know that we belong together, as we relate to each other with our experiences of feeling lost in a different culture. We want you to know that here is the place where you can be “found”. 

You could be the one mistaking “beach” for “bitches” (as if English was not difficult enough; they had to make the words sound almost the same too). Or you could be the one having a “nosebleeding”, trying to pronounce “Snoqualmie” (which we strongly believe is not English, but it is a city in Washington state). You could be anyone from our stories (except Sosthene, because his luck was unbelievable. But if you are like him, please share your adventure with us). 

This project is for the people who are currently learning a new language. For the people who already speak multiple languages. For those who feel “lost in translation”. We hope our stories make you laugh– that you can relate to the experiences each of us has been through. We want to be the bridge that brings you and others like us together. To bring this sense of belonging. After all, how can one be “lost” when you are a part of something with incredible people? 

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